July 18th, 2012

Hello everyone

I’m writing this in the Belgian countryside, where I have managed to carve out some quiet writing time for myself - courtesy of a dear friend, who has kindly lent me her house on the outskirts of Brussels for a few days.

It seems a long time ago that I came to the Comédie du Livre in Montpellier, but my belated thanks go to the many French readers who came to see me and get their books signed over that beautifully sunny weekend. I really enjoyed my session with Vanessa Guignery and Pascal Arnaud, talking about BS Johnson, and it’s now possible to see a recording of the whole event here.

A few weeks before that, while I was in Paris, I had the pleasure of meeting Élise Guillon and Caroline Bodin from the excellent website Hors d’Oeuvres. We did an interview which - I have to say - was far more wide-ranging and better-researched than the ones I usually do with print journalists. You can read it here.

My next festival event will be in beautiful Cortona, in Tuscany, on August 4th, my father’s 84th birthday. Please come if you happen to be nearby!

jonathan coe portrait imageJonathan Coe was born on 19 August 1961 in Lickey, a suburb of south-west Birmingham. His father worked in the motor industry as a research physicist; his mother was a music and PE teacher.
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